Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Bursary 2006 Announced for a girl student of St. Xavier,Jaipur

Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Bursary

Our Mission:

The Anirudh Mayaram Foundation has been established in memory of Anirudh Mayaram, who passed away on 1 May 2005 at the age of 22. Its purpose is to promote, encourage and sponsor activities that promote equity, expand opportunities for advancement for those who are economically and socially weak, to promote universalism and humanism and to celebrate life-values so close to Anirudh?s heart. Amongst other activities, Anirudh Mayaram Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible persons in their quest for higher learning.


Anirudh Mayaram (1982-2005) combined in himself the best that this world had to offer. Vivacious, full of life and fun, he lived and loved life. Anirudh was different. From the beginning, he looked at life as a gift to be shared with everyone, both fortunate and less fortunate. He lived with intensity and richness of experience. Ever the leader, the organizer, he would remember all his friends and organize his day around the things they would all do together. Always seeking excellence, but with fun, Anirudh, was on top of his class at Law School in Cardiff.

In recent years he had developed deep empathy for the marginalised. He often told his friends that from his mother he had learnt to be sensitive about gender inequality in the world. He was concerned with human rights issues and the oppression of the weak, whether these were people or nations. On the walls in his room he had posters of Che? Guevara, his idol, and of Bob Marley.

Magnanimous and large hearted, Anirudh would happily share his things with his friends, gift his things to the less privileged. When the father of one of his classmates from a weak financial background in school was seriously injured, Anirudh and his friends offered to mobilize any kind of support to provide him with the best treatment. In school and later at university in Delhi and Cardiff, he was never shy of sharing his notes or his work with others. He never competed with others in an unfair manner. It had to be always like a ?gentleman,? with a smile, with good will for everyone in his heart.


This is need-cum-merit bursary. Applicants to the Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Bursary must be a school leaving girl student from Saint Xavier School, Jaipur.

– Applicants must also be enrolled in any professional/technical course in a recognized institution after completing Class XII..

– All applicants for the bursary must submit application it to the Principal, Saint Xavier School, Jaipur-302001, India, by 30 September..

– The bursary winner will be notified by the School authorities. The name will also be announced on Foundation website.


Through the Foundation, assistance to applicants is available to meet miscellaneous expenses, including payment of tuition, travel, participation in seminars etc. and purchase of books. The bursary is available only to girl students and the selection would be based on need-cum-merit basis. The decision of the school authorities would be final.

The Anirudh Mayaram Foundation awards Rs. 15,000 bursary to the successful applicant. The amount disbursed in any one year is in accordance with the Foundation’s balance and its governing laws.