Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Xavier Cup Basketball Tournament 2006

Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Interschool Basketball Tournament, which was organized so successfully last year would, true to the announcement made by Fr. Jose Jacob, Principal, St. Xavier School, Jaipur, ?henceforth be not just a tournament but also a festival?. Accordingly, the School authorities have agreed to organize every year Anirudh Mayaram Memorial Xavier Cup Tournament starting from this year. A larger number of schools are expected to participate in the tournament and foster goodwill and create a community of young men and women infused with the spirit of sportsmanship, something so finely symbolized by Anirudh. There would be two running trophies finely crafted by Arun Pabuwal, recognized for his award winning trophies including the one he made for the Cricket World Cup, apart from attractive individual prizes.
The school authorities would announce the dates of the Tournament shortly.