Remembering you on your birthday

Cheeku ! Cheers on your special day !! May happiness find you always..So many changes this year .. surviving the covid-19 .. social isolation ..millions around the world have learned new patterns .. Deriving pleasure from the simplest things in life has taught many a value that perhaps they had all discarded somewhere along the way…on a lighter note with passing years tying shoelaces seems to be not helping me either to develop further any motor skill .and requires a change in lifestyle 🙂 Our #babyk is growing so fast .we’ve moved places perhaps at the most difficult times but fortunately everything worked out well .. your gang is doing well and some are coping up well too.. doctor has so much to share and lawyer is caught up mostly even now too…such is life as you would say .. there are so many things that I wish I could’s a toast to you my friend !! As you celebrate this beautiful day in your world … we will raise one for you !! Take care

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