Chairperson’s message

Dear Friends,

Anirudh Mayaram Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organization which strives to ameliorate all those circumstances that create human misery and discord to the extent it can with its small reach and capacity. We believe that even though our organization is small, we can still make a difference. This is because Anirudh, in the few years he was with us, instilled in us the belief that when one wants to one can. We believe and therefore we will.

But the Foundation is not about only work. It is also a celebration of life, the way Anirudh made our lives with his contagious love for fun. We want to remember the times spent with him. We want to infect the lives of all who reach us through this website with a sense of fun and joy, as Anirudh touched our lives.

And we wish all of you out there would contribute in every-which-way to make this endeavor meaningful and relevant in a fast changing environment.

Anirudh Mayaram Foundation