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Daddy” Little Master Blaster”

October 17, 2023

Die- hard fan of AR Rahman and legendary Sachin who has been a source of strength always for many of us has reached a new milestone in his life today.. with his sweet and melodious voice he is admired by everyone already in the family and will now very soon start his sleepless nights .singing […]

Cheers today and always !!

August 6, 2023

You make us all smile despite the miles.. take care my friend .. cheers today and always …to great time , incredible stories and unforgettable memories

Always in heart

July 17, 2023

Your memory is my keepsake, With which we will never part, He has you in his keeping , We have you in our heart ~Bonnie Dood

Remembering you

April 30, 2023

Your memories will live on in our heart forever and will never fade away. We look up and whisper and will continue to do so till we meet again !! Remembering you my friend .. 

Holi greetings

March 8, 2023

How we used to indulge in some mischief to make some great memories while having a blast! Remembering you on Holi .. it’s not the same and it will never be .. but to hope , promise and fulfilment .. cheers to all unforgettable memories together!!

Little Angel joins the family

February 26, 2023

A new family member has been added and everyone is overloaded with happiness. This is one adorable addition to your wonderful family my friend.. Congratulations to you too.. May this little angel find happiness and beauty in the simplest pleasures and grow each day in sunshine and love.. best wishes from the gang

Season’s Greetings

December 25, 2022

Wishing you a safe and Happy Christmas, and a New Year of hope, promise and fulfilment. Last few years have been challenging and we all hope that this begins the end of uncertainties. As lights are lit, we seek to illuminate the dark winter days ahead with spirit of joy and anticipation. May there be […]

16th Anirudh Mayaram Xaviers Cup Basketball Tournament

August 9, 2022

Come and cheer for your favourite team at St.Xaviers School , Bhagwan Das Road , Jaipur ( 17-20 August 2022) . With finals scheduled on 20th August 4 PM onwards.

Yaar aur Yaaron ki Yaariyan

August 7, 2022

Yaar and yaron ka sama…. Remembering you my friend ..to good old days …Cheers

Remembering you my friend

April 30, 2022

When you need someone to lift you up when feeling down , listen to nonsense and when you expect that figurative slap in the face before making a terrible mistake , when you want to share recorded videos of your toddler , when you just want to call , sit , chat and just listen […]