Anirudh Mayaram foundation

The capacity of humans to impart joy and happiness to one another is one of the most important qualities of our species, and Anirudh Mayaram possessed this to an extraordinary degree.

Anirudh Mayaram Foundation is set up as an ode to a person who has by his sheer presence touched the lives of so many near and dear to him. We consider the precious time that we spent with us as a blessing. We are grateful to God for bringing such a wonderful person in our lives.

Anirudh is not with us in body. But he can never be far away from life’s “action” and pulsating excitement, from where his friends and loved ones are, and where the underprivileged need him.

To do all that Anirudh would have wanted to achieve, to reach out to those seeking excellence, to assist those in need, to further the cause of human rights, gender equality, removal of poverty, assist the marginalized and to promote universal peace, we pledge to work through the Anirudh Mayaram Foundation.